Our Story

The church in Anchorage began in 1944 when five men in the military service began meeting in a room in the USO building owned by the City. That same year, those faithful few, with the help of a number of congregations throughout the States, bought a small house and used it for worship services. In 1948, another lot was obtained and the church’s first building was built. This building served the small congregation until 1953 when an increase in membership resulted in the purchase of land at the corner of 10th Avenue and B Street and a new building was built, again with help from many generous congregations. The church continued to grow and construction on a third building began in May of 1963. The 10th & B congregation met in this building for the first time in November 1963.

On January 25, 1970, the 10th & B congregation agreed to merge with the Mountain View congregation. Shortly thereafter, a seven-acre lot was purchased at 2700 DeBarr Road, our current location. On December 18, 1977, the Anchorage Church of Christ, as we are known today, met for the first time. The congregation now has a membership of about 400, four elders, thirteen deacons and two secretaries. We are currently searching for a full-time Pulpit Minister.

At the present time, our 4 elders, James Harris, Ken Killgore, Gary Eller and Robert Chase, oversee the work of the congregation.

We offer a variety of Bible correspondence courses as well as a tape library used mostly by the people in the “bush” who don’t have a local congregation. We also offer live web streaming of our 10 a.m. morning service. Additionally, we provide financial support to the congregations in both Seward and Homer and, in conjunction with other congregations across the state, the Truth in Love television program.

Our prayer is that the Lord will continue to use us in the work of evangelizing this vast state where there are few congregations. We have great opportunities in the Anchorage area with two large military bases and several large oil companies. Our unique position presents a thrilling challenge and, by faith, we gladly accept it. With great anticipation we look forward to the future.