Youth Retreat 2019

Friday, August 30  –  Monday, September 2, 2019 –  Holiday Weekend!

Friday August 30

Campers leaving from Anchorage need to be at the Anchorage building at 6:00 PM for orientation.  Bus will leave Anchorage at 6:30 PM

Bus will arrive at the Valley building between 7:00 and 7:15, and depart at 7:30.

Monday, September 2

Bus will arrive at the Valley building between 3:15 PM and 3:30 PM

Bus will depart Valley and arrive in Anchorage between 4:15 PM and 4:30 PM

The 2019 Youth Retreat is open for all youth entering grades 7-12. There is a $95 charge for this event. Scholarships are available if needed. Everyone must fill out a registration form.  Deadline for registration is August 28, 2019.

The youth retreat will consist of singing and devotionals, lessons, group activities and free time!

Contact Ben Wallingford at {907-440-9383 –} with any questions, or to volunteer for the weekend.  HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE!

Your Gear List   Your Bible, Change of Clothing, Extra Pair of Shoes, Raincoat & rain boots, Flashlight, Sleeping Bag, Comfortable Pillow, Soap, Washcloth and towel, Toothbrush and toothpaste

Youth Retreat Rules and Photo & Video Policy



Parent/Guardian Info


Emergency Contact


Medical History

All medical information is strictly confidential. It will be shared only at the director or medical staff's discretion and then only if necessary.

Insurance group identifier

All medicines should be given to the camp director or medical staff upon arrival. Read the following and fill in carefully.

Please specify any health problems that might require attention or medicines that must be taken during camp. Also, please us this space to notify us of any food or drug allergies.


Parent Agreement, Medical Consent, Sports Permission and Waiver

By virtue of completing and submitting this registration form, you are acknowledging that you are the parent or legal guardian of the camper being registered. Furthermore, you covenant and agree that the Anchorage Church of Christ, 2700 DeBarr Road, Anchorage, Alaska, will not be responsible for any accidents in which your child may become involved in at Midnight Sun Bible Camp or in going to or returning therefrom. You hereby assume all responsibility for such accidents and any and all medical attention that may be necessary as a result thereof. You also authorize the camp director of Midnight Sun Bible Camp, and others working under him, to obtain medical treatment for your child while they are responsible for him or her. You also acknowledge that you have read the camp rules and regulations and have discussed them with this registered camper and agree to support the decisions the director makes concerning your child. By checking the following water sports, you are indicating this camper has your permission to participate in them.

By checking the water sports, you are indicting this camper has your permission to participate in them. If nothing is checked off, your child will not be able to participate

Camper Agreement

I have read the camp purpose, policy and rules and understand that they are reasonable and necessary for the success of the camp. I agree that I will do my best to support camp policy and abide by the rules of the camp.


Ticket Price Quantity
New Ticket $95.00 Sold out
Registration forms and payment must be received by the Anchorage church office by the deadline. Make checks payable to "Midnight Sun Bible Camp".