MSBC Staff Registration Packet

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To all Potential Volunteer Staff

Thank you for your interest in serving at Midnight Sun Bible Camp (MSBC). Your willingness to work at camp as a Christian volunteer follows the paths of many before us. Many have volunteered their time and demonstrated their love for our young people by serving at MSBC. We have a unique opportunity to have a positive influence on the lives of our youth through our example and the teachings of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Our priority is to ensure that all those who work with our youth in any capacity at camp are properly suited and trained for the task. They must also be able to present themselves as strong Christian examples, as little eyes are always watching and learning through what we say and do.

As in past years, we will continue to require all potential staff to fill out a Staff Registration Packet and complete a new background check. Your Staff Registration Form is due no later than (pending). Forms can be submitted via email to in person to Bob Hoffman or Jason Gardner.

Background checks will be processed online again this year, so you will need internet access to complete this portion of your staff application. Background checks are required for all staff serving this year, even if you completed a background check last year. No one will be allowed to serve as a staff member without a background check. (Link to begin background check below)

Additionally, we are asking all first-time staff to attend at least one training session (in person or via telephone) scheduled for (pending). This training is being held to clarify camp goals, communicate the expectations of camp leadership, and to better prepare new and returning staff in an effort to continually improve the camp experience for everyone involved.

In Him,
Jason Gardner
Midnight Sun Bible Camp – Program Director

God has blessed us so well. Click here to begin your background check

2019 Staff Registration Packet MSBC 06012019 Click here to download and print your packet

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