MSBC Staff Registration Packet

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Volunteer Staff Member at Midnight Sun Bible Camp (MSBC). Your willingness to work at camp as a Christian volunteer follows the paths of many before us. They have sacrificed their time and love to teach others, just as you now can teach others about Christian living and even lead them to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We all know that working at camp brings special joys to all those that participate in any of the many jobs there, whether it be a counselor, cook, craft person, recreational director, teacher or KGWW. While at camp, you will be as free as possible from the worldly pressures just beyond its borders. You will experience the life and joy as a Christian living among others that have the same desires and background.

Sadly, camp is not immune from those same worldly pressures. We must ensure that all those that work with our youth in any capacity at camp are properly suited for the task. They shall be Christians in good standing with a recognized church of Christ, be even tempered, and have a servant’s heart. You must be able to present yourself as a strong Christian example. As all parents know, little eyes are watching, learning through what you do and say and how you behave. Please keep this mind at all times while at camp.

New to MSBC in 2015 – This year will bring some long‐planned changes to Midnight Sun Bible Camp. The safety for each and every camper is a key focus for MSBC. We must be able to do our due diligence in protecting the children that come to camp. A few items that will be changing this year are the implementation of Staff Registration Forms, Staff Training Classes, and Staff Background Checks.

Staff Registration Forms – All potential staff are asked to read through the information included in the Staff Registration Packet and fill out the Staff Registration Form. Please return the completed form to before May 31, 2015. Even if you have been working at camp for many years, this is required of every staff applicant and for all positions. No one will be allowed to be a staff member without it.

Staff Training Classes – The goal this year is to hold a training class for all of the staff once everyone is confirmed. All volunteer staff members are required to participate in MSBC Training in 2015. Included in the Staff Registration Packet is the latest training information. Please take a few moments to read through it before attending a training class. It is our intention to live‐stream the class over the internet to those that are unable to be in Anchorage or Wasilla to attend.

Staff Background Checks ‐ In addition to the training and some new rules for staff, background checks are now required for all staff. Background checks will be conducted through SecureSearch. There are two methods for initiating the background check. The preferred option is to select “YES” on the Staff Registration Form to authorize the background check. Upon receipt of your application, an email will be sent to the address you provide with a link to where you can enter the required information. If you prefer to submit the background information manually, a form is included in the Staff Registration Packet for you to fill out. Using either method, (website preferred) you will be authorizing Midnight Sun Bible Camp to perform your background check.

MSBC will not see all of the personal information you enter (social security numbers, birth dates, etc), only the final report with abbreviated personal information that allows us to identify the individual associated with the report. After you enter in your information it will then be processed. Only the results will be sent to MSBC to complete the application process.

This authorization is needed to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), 15 U.S.C. §1681‐1681y as part of your application. MSBC will not request (nor pay for) searches related to education, employment, credit history, or personal interviews with sources such as your neighbors, friends or associates. We may contact spiritual leaders including the elder(s) or minister/preacher (in the absence of elders) at your local congregation. The results of the check will be held in strict confidence. Should something be found, you will be contacted for any additional information or follow up discussion. Obviously, a report listing any sex offenses or recent physical abuse charges or convictions will automatically prevent you from being at camp.

These changes are intended to enhance the camp experience for all those that attend. Thank you for your patience as we work to streamline our process, and thank you for your willingness to serve our Lord and these campers at MSBC!

God has blessed us so well.

Download the 2016 MSBC Staff Registration Packet

Download the Alaska State Child Abuse Reporting Laws