MSBC History

Midnight Sun Bible Camp has a rich history dating back to 1959. Originally, the camp was on the Kenai Peninsula, far from its current location. The camp first started at Island Lake on Joe McGaughey’s homestead. Among the tents and the rain that year were about a dozen campers.

After the 1964 earthquake, access to the Kenai Peninsula was impossible, so Wayland and Doris Lipscomb were kind enough to lend us their homestead for the ’64 and ’65 camp sessions.

The current property was scouted in 1959 by Pat McMahan and Lipscomb who staked the four corners as best they could. The 120-acre property was purchased for a mere $6000. The Genesis Hall and platforms for the cabins were built and the first camp session at Lynx Lake opened in 1966.

The first cabin on Lynx Lake was built on 2-by-6 tongue and groove lumber and served first as the cook shack and later for crafts.

With so much history and so many memories, we have much to be thankful for at MSBC. We currently have the Hilton, craft shack, shower dome, six new cabins – three boys and three girls – and several “condos.” There is word that there will be more buildings to come. What part will you play in the future of Midnight Sun Bible Camp?