Weekend Retreat Rules

The camp director, while under the authority of the eldership of the Anchorage Church of Christ, is the final authority on all matters pertaining to policy, rules, their enforcement and compliance. He will be responsible for the safety of all campers and the facilities during the event.

Safety Rules

Safety is a primary concern at Midnight Sun Bible Camp.

  1. Cabin campfires must be supervised at all times and extinguished properly before abandoning them.
  2. Hikers, boaters and anyone leaving the main camp area will sign out and back in on the supplied sheet as directed by the event director.
  3. Hiking on roads or trails will be done as a group of two or more adults present. Bear protection is required.
  4. No one may be pushed or thrown into the lake.
  5. Every individual will wear a properly fitted and fastened life jacket while participating in any boating activity. No camper is permitted in or on boats except during boating periods.
  6. No swimming is permitted except during swim periods, at designated docks, and with the “buddy system”.
  7. A minimum of two qualified parents will be directly present during all children’s swimming and boating activities.
  8. Campers who cannot swim test must wear a personal flotation device (PFD) during swim time or any time they are on the dock.
  9. No horseplay or dangerous behavior is allowed in or near the water. No boat swamping, ramming, or any other dangerous behavior is allowed.
  10. Unmarried singles shall not be allowed to share a cabin together without a chaperone.
  11. Campers must remain either in the camp general area or signed out at all times. No wondering off by yourself at any time.

Dress Code

  1. Dress shall be modest at all times. The following are specifically not permitted:
    1. Shorts and cut-offs above the knee (they must be to the knee)
    2. Sleeveless, tank top, midriff, or low neckline shirts
    3. Clothing with inappropriate words or images
    4. Bikini-style swim wear (male or female)
  2. The camp director is the final judge as to what is permitted and appropriate.
  3. Jeans, shorts, cut-offs, dry suits, or wet suits are required for water-skiing.

Off Limits for Campers

The shores of property the camp does not own except with express permission of the property owner obtained by the camp director.

Not Allowed

  1. Guns, fireworks, tobacco products, alcohol, or illegal drugs.
  2. Pranks or playing with fire.
  3. Raiding of cabins or disturbing the personal property of others.
  4. Littering of the campgrounds.
  5. Food and drinks in the cabins.
  6. Motor boats or any other loud activity on or near the lake before 7:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m. This protects the privacy of other property owners.


  1. Bathhouses are operated as separate male and female facilities during weekend camp events. Both male and female facilities are fully operational with flushing toilets, sinks and hot showers. There are separate generators for each bathhouse.
  2. Hot water heaters are not to be adjusted for temperature at any time. Only warm water is provided. The lake is open during normal camp hours if you desire to not use the bathhouse.
  3. The gas generators are to be checked daily for oil level by the designated person. Turn generators off when not in use.
  4. Bathhouses are to be kept clean. If you use the last of something, please restock it.
  5. Please do not dispose of anything besides human waste and toilet paper through the toilets. Dispose of any other personal hygiene items in the trash and wrapped as appropriate.
  6. Empty all trash before camp on the last day.


  1. Treat camp facilities and equipment with care and use it properly.
  2. Put tools back in their proper place (not necessarily where you found them).
  3. Do not use power tools unless you are experienced with them and have the director’s approval.
  4. Do not park in the road ways and block access to the various areas of camp.
  5. Except for certain exterior lights in the summer daylight, leave the lights on inside the Hilton, Dome and Arts & Craft buildings.
  6. Report problems or concerns to the director.
  7. Camp is not responsive for the use of sensitive medical equipment such as CPAP or cell phone chargers. Use of such devices is at the user’s risk. Users are warned that the power supplied to the camp is not guaranteed to be compatible with your device. Power is also not supplied to all areas of camp including all the cabins except Winter and Condo.